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Currently based in Montréal as a UX/UI designer.

I design online experience for users and create identity for brands.


Daily UI Challenge

During my free time I like to improve my skills and participate to the Daily UI Challenge.



Chandra Yoga

In 2019, I was certified in Yoga Vinyasa in India and became yoga teacher. I designed my own business cards to share classes and informations.

"Chandra" means "Moon" in sanskrit and the hand sign is Chin Mudra to connect to the Universe, the goal of yoga practice. That's the reason why I drew these two symbols on my business cards. This drawing is made on Procreate on an iPad Pro.

Galeries Lafayette

During my experience in Galeries Lafayette, I worked on various projects with luxury brands.

In 2017, Dior Make Up came on the website of Galeries Lafayette. It was the first time a luxury brand worked with us.


It was the biggest project I worked on, Dior Make Up is an extremely demanding brand. We had lot of technical and design constraints to fit to the branding of Dior and Galeries Lafayette.


In 2016, I worked on severals projects.

The first one is a special page about french creators and a number of arty brands called "Le Labo".

I created a unique design for this specific challenge. Each concept was moving independently from one another like a slot machine.

The second project is about Christmas.

This year, Galeries Lafayette chose the North Pole as a winter theme.


So I imagined several designs and pages about it: banners, pictures for the home page, avent calendar, a special page about gifts and magazine about fashion and trends.

During my experience in Galeries Lafayette, I also designed lot of newsletters for digital marketing.

I created pages about fashion trends as well as paid impression to appear on the newsletter.

This was the opportunity for me to learn Dartagnan to create compelling newsletters.

By Louise

Branding for a freelancer florist in Paris. She wanted a simple and elegant design.

Her creations are very delicates, so I suggested light drawing of flowers and the old pink color.

I designed all the branding and declined it on this business card.



Övergång Magazine

Övergång (which means « transition » in swedish) was a digital magazine about ecology.

The magazine shared interviews about people acting for the environment: associations, young brands, restaurants about zero waste projects...

I created the logo and branding and worked on few missions: I wrote interviews, selected questions, organized photoshoot and did community management on Instagram and Facebook pages.



Quoi de Neuf  ?

During my experience at Éditions Jalou, I worked as junior art director on severals magazines.

Quoi de Neuf is a free fashion magazine edited by Galeries Lafayette. Each season, the magazine presents fashion trends and decoration.

In 2013, I worked on the set design of this photoshoot. Compositions organized for each season: spring, summer, automne, winter.

It was an honor working in the team of Adeline Gault and learning from her amazing skills.


Le Blanc

At Éditions Jalou, I worked on shootings and editing magazines for Galeries Lafayette.

Here, an example of my work on edition of "Le Blanc" Magazine in 2013.

For this project I directed the photographer, the set designer for still life pictures and directed the text composition.



This year, I imagined a sticker for jars of honey produced by an independent beekeeper.


He raises his hives in the region of Montréal in Quebec where he takes care of his hives and works with passion on the production of this precious nectar.

The line drawings are handmade on Procreate and suggest the fragility and preciousness of this exceptional product.

If you have questions or want to collaborate, please use the form

to contact me. I speak french and english.

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